My Thoughts Create My Character

Stephen D. Jennings lives is a prison. He has somethings to teach me.

Steven D. Jennings

I am literally what I think. My character is the complete sum of all my thoughts.

For years I thought I was a bad ass. I thought fighting was a way to impress people. These thoughts were severely flawed. Therefore, my character severely flawed.

All of my violent actions were a direct result of my thoughts. The body follows the mind. So many times I would have a “spontaneous” reaction and respond to a situation. But really, my actions were not spontaneous at all. My actions revealed the constant thoughts in my mind.

Action is the result of thought.

When I was 13 I had a two hour surgery on my left knee. Within a few minutes of waking up from heavy anesthesia, I was cussing at doctors, nurses, and my family. For no reason!

Those were the type of thoughts I kept. They could’ve been asking me if I…

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My Thoughts Create My Character

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