What is Nondenominational?

I am an interfaith nondenominational minister. I have a Masters Degree in Interfaith Theology and I’m a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Professional Chaplain. I also hold a Masters Degree in Counseling and National Certification as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

The mission of my interfaith ministry is HOPE = Compassion + Forgiveness.

I provide life coaching, spiritual advise and counsel. I am honored to conduct a wide range of interfaith celebrations/rites of passages. I am an official marriage officiant in the State of Nevada which permits me to conduct wedding ceremonies. I also conduct funerals, memorials and celebration of life services; blessings/namings of infants; anointings of the sick; rites of reconciliation/forgiveness; celebrations of religious holidays. I have also blessed family pets and tree plantings in memory of loved ones.

I have had the honor to facilitate individual and small group interfaith retreats focused on healing grief and loss and forgiveness. I volunteer as a chaplain for the Office of the Clark County Coroner/Medical Examiner.

Nondenominational means that I am not affiliated with any particular religious organization. Another word for “nondenominational” is “nonsectarian.” I don’t have a membership in any religion, church or sect. I deeply respect and honor Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Thought, Native American and Wiccan traditions. I am committed to discovering the truth of all paths that lead to the Sacred or a Higher Power than myself.

I am part of a growing group of interfaith clergy – men and women throughout the world who embrace interfaith as a kind of middle way, celebrating the very best of religious traditions and practices with understanding, tolerance and the desire to coexist. I am ordained to ministry by faith-based community in Los Angeles and have applied to be a candidate for co-ordination by the Order of Universal Interfaith (OUni) in February 2015.

I live my spirituality contemplatively. In fact, I’ve been attracted to monasticism for many years. I appreciate simplicity, all things natural and practice veganism as a compassionate eating/ethical choice… although I still crave pepperoni pizza.

What is Nondenominational?

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