We Are Stardust!

Scientists tell us we are stardust.
We are all made of stardust.

Although sounding a bit like child’s fantasy, romantic poetry or just a good science fiction read, stardust helps us to understand the essential elements on planet Earth (think: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc) were born about 13.8 billion years ago somewhere in our unimaginably vast universe in the hearts of exploding stars at unfathomably intense temperatures (think: millions of degrees).

This is good news for guys like me who have believed such things on faith and strive to live accordingly.

Stardust is important because it’s implications are not only game-changing… indeed, they are transforming.

Stardust means me, you, the lady next door, Fido, broccoli, dolphins, mosquitoes, motor vehicles, apple trees and skyscrapers are all made of the same stuff.

Made from fire and ice, we are the dust of stars.

We are molecularly connected, atomically interconnected and utterly interrelated.


We’re in this together, you and I…
We, all of Nature and all that we co-create share the same common elements… the building blocks of what we know as our reality.

The presumed differences between “I” and “Thou”; subject and object; form and matter are illusion. Duality deceives us.

It’s time to rethink!

For centuries, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Sufi masters, Taoists and some Western philosophers have taught non-dualism… our deceptions… our illusions… are the core of our suffering.


I am not a scientist and I have no intentions of writing about The Big Bang, atomic fusions or what produced helium or supernovas. What I do want to write about are the implications of Stardust for who we think we are and how we might behave.

I invite you to consider these meanings and spend time thinking, feeling and meditating about Stardust.
Stardust represents a shift.
Stardust turns things inside out and outside in.
Stardust changes paradigms.
Consider the possibilities.

I believe we are Stardust.

My faith in Creation, a Higher Power, the Universe, Sacred, Divine… is based on my belief in the non-duality of everything.
Stardust permeates the seen and unseen… the heard and unheard… the touched and untouched.
Stardust’s implications are difficult for me to ignore.

If we are all made of the same stuff and we are all interconnected – then my beliefs and my ethics are impacted.
Stardust influences what I believe is right/wrong… good or evil…just or unjust.

Stardust helps me discern my internal chatter about who I think I am; my misconceptions about duality; the causes of my suffering; the purpose of what I understand as success; the desperation of my attachments and why I’m here… right now.

Stardust influences my choices. It affects my direction and my priorities. It;s reflective of my experience.
It influences my understanding of both intra-species and cross-species cooperation and environmental protection and conversation.
Stardust influences what I choose to eat, how I use money and the manner in which I spend my time.
Stardust permeates all my relationships… past, present and future. It also reminds me that NO relationship ever ends once it has begun.

Stardust is the essence of my ministry of HOPE = COMPASSION + FORGIVENESS

For the new year upon us, I am committed to finding simple and innovative ways to share this good news to those who might listen.

We are Stardust… and that makes all the difference.

We Are Stardust!

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