Buddhism 101: 4 Tips for Living

do things that nourish your soul

One of the things I respect about Buddhism as a philosophy is that we are all called to be Buddhas.
I also like that I don’t have to become Buddhist to live Buddhism. Buddhism offers a way to think and feel and live.
So if hanging prayer flags, reciting mantras or memorizing mutras (symbolic hand gestures) is really not your thing. Its OK.

This article in Tricycle by Phakchok Rinpoche is helpful. http://www.tricycle.com/online-retreats/four-simple-tips-living-buddhist-life

Be positive.
Cultivate compassion. Think altruistically. Do things for the benefit of others. Offer advice. Be generous. Practice patience. Actions matter.

Find mentors.
Follow positive role models. Find teachers who are extraordinarily kindhearted, generous, caring, and patient and outstanding mentors. They should be amazing people. Use them to help transform your character and behavior towards being more positive with less stress.

Be smart.
Approach life with intelligence and common sense. Learn from mistakes. Practice listening and learn from others while changing yourself. Be open to feedback and suggestions. Dare to change. When you find faults, slowly work on changing them. Enlightenment – or “buddhahood” – is the ultimate goal, ultimate bliss, ultimate peace, and ultimate method. Awareness is the first step. Cultivate your desire and determination towards enlightenment.

Nurture dignity and self-confidence
Life happens. Challenges and failures are real. Don’t let setbacks hurt your confidence. Stay positive. What can I learn from this experience? What can be improved? I can do this. I can achieve this. This dignity is like courage: decisive, sincere, unwavering certainty. More than about knowing the teachings of Buddhism, this is about living what you know.

Got Buddha today?

Buddhism 101: 4 Tips for Living

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