Chanukiah by Barbara Berney
Chanukiah by Barbara Berney

I’m not Jewish but I respect the spirituality and signs and symbols of Judaism. I have an awesome sister-in-law who is Jewish and I’ve had several Jewish teachers and friends who have positively influenced my life. This post is dedicated to them and their Hanukkah celebration.

Hanukkah is an annual Jewish celebration known as the Festival of Lights. Over a period of 8 sequential days and nights, Hanukkah commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem during the 2nd century BC.

A time for thanksgiving and warm family gatherings each evening over 8 days, many Jewish people share good foods (latkes and sufganiot), play special games with children (dreidel spins) and honor Yahweh’s commitment to His people.

Sometimes dubbbed “Jewish Christmas” by nonJews, Hanukkah coincides with the lunar cycles near Christian Christmas, Germanic Yule, Wiccan Solstice and African Kwanzaa – when in the deep, dead still of winter – as the longest night of the year approaches (December 21st), there is a special time for gathering to stay warm, remembering to keep hope alive and honoring the light.

A seasonal time for comfort and play. So light a fire or burn a candle… but do it with another. Blessings!


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