More “Me” less “We”

I’m deciding 2015 needs some improvements towards a better me. I’m thinking some tweaks toward a more middle way between “me” than “we” might be helpful. A slight adjustment of my thinking and doing. I want the new year to be more “I” for myself and my own personal evolution. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking selfish or even self-centered but I am talking self-full-ness. Neither narcissism nor solipsism or belly button gazing, I just want more self-realization…some more self-actualization.

Seems like most of what I’m reading lately points me in this new direction: move more inside and delving deeper. Listening to my inner voice…trusting my intuition…checking out my hunches. Opening more of myself to myself. Finding my Sacred inside. I’m recognizing these days…that who I am, what I think, what I feel, what I believe, how I behave, how I minister – needs adjustment.

It’s become easy for me to get caught up in the dramas of the outside world. I’ve become quite an expert at critiquing most social ills both locally and globally. Seems like I have a solution for everything. News, tragedies, politics…I know the issues – frankly, probably even better than most because I hear confessions. War. Violence. Fear. They can be distractions that can keep me from myself…my issues…my personal challenges.

Examples: I’m lying to myself if I say I want “world” peace when the shadows of my mind and heart harbor resentments. I’m being less than truthful when I judge others for sexism, racism, ageism and all the other -isms I’m not supposed to have as I steadfastly maintain my own personal intolerance. I’m counterfeit when I mutter things about “those” people… while having just prayed believing we’re all interconnected. And on and on and on.

So I’ve decided to focus on myself more. The Compassionate Gardener is wanting to be more the center of his own attention. It’s here that I’ll stay for awhile this new year. If I really believe Gandhi’s words: “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD,” its time.

I look ahead to 2015:
I am more “I” and a little less “we.”
I pay attention. (To the young man yesterday that I could have paid more attention to – please accept my apologies. You taught me a valuable lesson and I honor you for that. Namaste!).
I consciously use the pronoun “I” twice as often as “you” or “we” especially when I write.
I recognize opportunities disguised as loss.
I focus on the teachings…not the teacher.
I remember sacred texts, scriptures and theology books are somebody else’s spiritual experience.
Likewise, I acknowledge sermons, religious symbols and all paths to the Sacred are culturally bound; historically tied and relative to somebody’s search for meaning and hope.
I’m mindful it’s never too late.
I believe every morning is a new beginning for cultivating what I need and want and who I am.
I’m thankful for all I have while accepting its impermanence and that absolutely none of it is really mine.

I choose to be healthy today. I choose to be happy. I choose prosperity. I choose tolerance. I choose patience. I choose compassion.
I choose to forgive; to be calm and find peace. I live abundantly with simplicity. I have all that I need and appreciate my wealth. I live in gratitude and I share.

My experience begins and ends with me. I create my experience. I can control my experience. I am responsible for my experience. What I think I become. What I manifest I am. What I believe I create. What I see, hear, taste, touch and smell is my experience. I pray more. I listen more. I read more.

So in 2015, I’m surrendering. Now’s the time for me. I can’t fix you. I cannot change you. I can’t make you be any different than you are.
I fix myself. I’m changing myself. I’m allowing me to be me. You are you. I am me. And that’s OK.

One last thought: I’ve decided to only post good news or positive thoughts on Facebook. Stay tuned and remember…
Revolution… not resolution!

I would love to hear from you.

More “Me” less “We”

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