True Luxury

“Have you noticed how we view every situation from a relativity perspective?

We immediately contemplate ways to make things different than they are, be it better, faster, bigger, warmer, bolder; it’s exhausting! Now imagine letting go of labels and evaluations, and allowing everything to be just as it is, without wishing for it to be any other way. Accept yourself, and then others, without needing to change anything. Feelings and emotions will inevitably continue to rise (both pleasant and unpleasant).

…simply be reminded to relax, to acknowledge that everything is temporary, including youth, health and life itself. All experiences are as transient as clouds in the sky: anger comes and goes, excitement rises and falls, and tears dry on their own. So practice tenderly watching your feelings and emotions as they move in and out of your mind, just like traffic on a busy street.

Remain aware of what goes on around you, but try to do it without the mind’s commentary. Observe without judgment, and experience life without resistance.
Opinions change, perspectives widen, and the opposite of what you know is also true. Take a step back and you’ll see that all of our anguish is self-inflicted. We assign meaning to everything, and simply refuse to accept it all as impermanent.

Instead of spending so much time thinking about what’s missing from your life, remind yourself (if only for twenty minutes a day), of everything you already have: from a comfortable bed to sleep on, to a roof over your head, to clean air, drinking water, food, clothes, friends, functioning lungs, and a beating heart.
When you approach each moment with gratitude, not only will you stop experiencing life from a place of lack, you will experience abundance. And THAT is luxury! THAT is being rich!

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

This chapter from Buddhist Boot Camp is called “True Luxury”. All the chapters in the book are about that short, and they can be read in any order. Each was originally a journal entry or a letter to friends over the course of a few years, later compiled into the book you have in your hands today. My hope is that the book never sits on a shelf, but that you keep passing it on to others, okay? It’s not a SHELF HELP book! LOL… keep the chain of love going! THAT is luxury… THAT is being rich!

With much love and gratitude, your brother, Timber Hawkeye.”*

*from Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye

True Luxury

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