Life is Relationship

“Love one another by recognizing that at the heart of each person the same God resides. These words reveal themselves as the essential structural basis of what we call progress and evolution. These words are part of the scientific domain of necessary cosmic energies and laws.
To love God and our neighbor is then not just simply an act of veneration or benevolence which is superimposed upon our other individual preoccupation. It is Life itself. Life within expressed in the integrity of its aspirations, battles, and accomplishments, and embraced in a spirit of closeness and unification with everything else that matters to the Christian, if indeed she/he want s to be a Christian.”
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Works V, p100.

*From the Ecumenicus‘ Facebook ‪Page

I discovered Teilhard de Chardin for the first time many years ago in high school. His perspective helped change my life and influenced my path to interfaith ministry.

Life is Relationship

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