Who’s In Control?

Perhaps it’s the cloudy skies above me today but I’m having some challenges with the notion that “God is in control.”

Its been my experience that some fundamentalist believers accept this statement as true. From Evangelical Christians (“Thy Will be done”) to Muslim extremists (“if Allah wills it”)… research suggests that the majority of meditation time seems to be filled with prayers of intercession… those prayers that ask God to do something for us.

This became vividly clear to me when I heard the results of a small sample survey by the Public Religion Research Institute last weekend. Apparently 1 in 4 Americans believe that God helps decide who wins games like the Super Bowl. At first I thought the report was a joke or one of those Onion.org posts. It wasn’t. The survey suggests that a little more than 25% believed “God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event.”

I’m not convinced.
Come to think of it… I’m also not convinced that God watched the Super Bowl.

My Sacred invites, suggests, offers, provides…kind of like a fine restaurant’s creative menu… God creates the choices…but I choose my own meals, beverages and freshly baked deserts.

Free will… the ability to choose… ethically or unethically…from among alternatives allows us to interact with each other and with God. We’re either in sync with God or out of sync with God. My God does not keep score.

We’re NOT victims. We’re NOT pawns. We’re NOT puppets. We are inter-actors.

In God we live and move and have our being. (New Testament Acts of the Apostles 17:28). God acts through us. We act through God. In silent prayer, I’m in control…waiting and listening. In silence, is God in me.

Even though I’m a minister, please know I make no claims about being an expert about what God does or not does or the status of Divine control. I welcome your feedback.

If you pray… are your thoughts filled with a request list? If so, what do you ask for?

Who’s In Control?

One thought on “Who’s In Control?

  1. I love this blog post. Have nearly identical thoughts and feelings. My own personal conviction or belief is that God’s Will is for us to have the free will to make choices. The only thing I ever ask God for is to heal my eyes so that I may see only Him, or to teach me the universal spiritual laws, so I can make wise choices. My awareness is then open to the Divine or not, and my actions either in sync or out of sync with natural law.

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