The Divine Masculine

Volumes are written about the contemporary rise of the Sacred Feminine – a cross-cultural, trans-religious movement that honors the female… as Goddess and Universal Mother (think: Isis, Aphrodite, Shakti, Eve, Virgin Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, etc).

I’m suggesting there’s also a new masculinity paradigm that’s emerging. While its origins are spiritual… its manifestations can be seen, heard and felt from prophets of our times… our artists and our mystics.

Think about it.

I believe the new Divine Masculine is beginning to be widely embraced by most women in search of a mate (as opposed to a sex partner). I’ll also contend that this same emerging norm excites some more avante-garde men; terrorizes other more traditional insecure men…however, still the majority of American men are blind, deaf and numb to who they are and who they might yet become. I am not sure that’s the case for European or South American men…but this might all be changing.

As I remember back, it seems like I’ve honored the rise of the Sacred Feminine since I was a boy smack in the middle of the tumultuous 1960’s…in the days of mass protests and angry rioting when millions of Americans took to the streets demanding change – in civil rights, Vietnam and for America’s poor (those days before Fox News, smart phones and social media).

Now my maturity has shown me that my parents raised me to respect women. As women are empowered to be who they are and speak their truth… men need to catch up. This is the stuff of a cultural revolution that goes vastly beyond whether we are ready for a female President or women priests.

Its important to note that my contention that the Sacred Masculine is emerging does not in anyway dilute, cloud or adulterate the Sacred Feminine. No… indeed, I sense that it’s the Sacred Feminine that has conceived, nurtured and birthed the very possibility that a new Sacred Masculine paradigm might emerge. Mothers are transforming our culture…perhaps they always have.

My sense is that the rise of the Divine Masculine will have a profound affect on gender roles beyond male and female, sexual orientation beyond heterosexual and homosexual, economic models beyond competition and cooperation and family cultural units beyond male fathers, female mothers – frankly well beyond who marries who – yes… even what marriage will or won’t look like or mean (e.g polyamory).

The emergence of a new Divine Masculinity should not be confused with the black and white, more traditional moral absolutes of right and wrong. No. The Divine Masculine is not concerned with telling men how to behave. This new focus is gray… very blended. As always, it will take time for ethics to catch up (e.g. medical ethics still playing catch up with the right to die, 3 parent embryos and stem cell research).

Take a moment to look…listen…feel…the new emerging masculine paradigm. Do you see it? Can you hear it? Have you felt it?

I’ll suggest that the rise of the Divine Masculine is connected with the ways some mothers are choosing to raise their sons. Food for thought.

2 more thoughts from my meditation for your consideration:

Moms, please reconsider sending your sons off to war. Might there be other more creative ways for young men to serve and protect? (This being said… I am first to admit that we have witnessed enormous evolutionary gains by allowing women and homosexual people to be warriors). Moms could raise peacemakers.

Secondly, perhaps its time to reconsider the whole pink and blue mystique. Maybe the color purple has more to offer than we thought? Imagine a world in which boys are completely free to play house…and girls are encourage to master STEM courses.

This topic will be a recurring blog theme as it reflects many of the energies of my ministry right now. As always, I welcome your feedback. While I recognize its nontraditional focus, people that I minister to are teaching me that the “status quo” is spontaneously readjusting.

Whether we talk gender roles, our spectra of sexual orientation/sexual behaviors or coexisting in community, with other sentient beings in sync with our environment – we are all one and its ALL interconnected.


The Divine Masculine

3 thoughts on “The Divine Masculine

  1. I love your post on the Divine Masculine. Last year was the first time I explored this topic at all. I am still new to it.

    A lecturer named Mark Passio makes an argument I find to very compelling. He has a thesis is that new age spirituality has embraced the divine feminine to such an extreme that it has become unhealthy, so much that the male hero energy is almost nonexistent these days. To put it in dramatic terms, new age spirituality has murdered the divine masculine. I think I agree.

    We know that a balanced and integrated psyche is best. Yet until very recently I’d bought into the idea that only feminine spiritual energy is enlightened, and that the masculine hero, defender of justice energy was 99% never appropriate. Now I can see very clearly that I’ve been imbalanced.

    With “christ consciousness” I can see the ONE in all people, and still confront them about their errors if and when they recklessly endanger the well being of many many beings, or worse, outright betray the brotherhood between us. I can do both. If a angry mentally unstable man breaks into the monastery in the middle of the night and starts harming our elders, we can love them and call for them to be arrested at the same time. Yes?

    Let’s take a deeper look at some of our bullshit reasons for not dealing with wrong, immoral actions which harm the people we love. For just a moment can we look at the possible shadow side of our eastern spirituality and how we might sometimes use it to avoid dealing with our most horrendous problems?

    To make this extremely to the point consider the Gita – the classic setup on the battlefield where Krishna is reassuring Arjuna that standing up to injustice is included in what is “spiritual”. Just imagine Arjuna making the following arguments to Krishna, trying to get out of it.. he uses these familiar excuses..

    “but Krishna, using force is always unenlightened because.. I’m supposed to just be calm all the time and never ever get angry.. because what you resist persists.. and I don’t want to focus on the negative because that creates more.. and I’ve learned it’s not about ‘doing’ anyway.. We all create our own reality so I’m just gonna ‘live and let live’ because.. there’s no point in calling people on their bullshit if their not really ready to hear it. We can only see what we already know. The world is just my mirror, it’s all just on the inside. What I should really do instead of standing up to injustice, I should just meditate and ‘witness’ my anger. It’s all just about ‘being’ and not grasping for control. Seriously Krishna, Truth defends itself. If I were to take any action at all that would just be ego. This battle doesn’t need waging because the grass grows by itself, and aren’t we here to transcend duality anyway? Sure it seems like there’s right and wrong but really that’s just an illusion. So you see there’s never an okay reason to get confrontational. Instead of standing up I’ll take the higher road and just drop all my expectations.. because it’s all good.. and whatever doesn’t go my way is just my karma anyway.. and those people over there suffering.. that’s not my karma it’s all theirs …and it’s all relative so I’m just gonna sit down and stop judging. I’ll be in the world but not of it. In the end if anything actually does go awry it won’t really matter because God will save us. It’s all the divine play anyway…”

    Can you imagine the look on Krishna’s face after hearing these excuses?

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