Easter 2015… its about hope

Easter is the highest holy day… the most sacred day of the year for some 2.2 billion Christians worldwide. Indeed, 1/3 of the planet’s population, Christians have faith that Jesus was the Son of God and that He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning after being crucified to death as a political prisoner on Good Friday.

The spiritual mystery of Easter is the resurrection of the body after death – both Jesus’ bodily resurrection and His promise of resurrection for those who live their lives believing in Him and following His teachings.

But regardless of your personal beliefs about Jesus or His legacy, Easter is about hope.
Not just hope in everlasting eternal life beyond death…but…

Easter is about hope. Hope today. Hope right here. Hope right now.

Hope that despite the immense suffering in our world…
hope that in the face of heinous trauma, pain and loss…
hope that in the evil shadow of homicides, suicides and genocides…
hope that in the desperate agony of catastrophic illness and starvation and fearful hatred…

Hope that changes everything.

Today, whether you are Christian or not, I invite you to be hopeful…

And that changes everything.

Easter 2015… its about hope

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