A bee on a flower pillow

Thank you to my blog follower, Susan Rushton, for her photo “A Bee on a Flower Pillow.” I honor her eye, her camera skills and the artist within her. This photo reminds me of the Sacred nature of our gardens, our flowers and our bees… the pollinators of our blossoms. Thank you for reminding me that we are One… we are all interconnected. Namaste, Susan!

Susan Rushton

Bee exploring alliums

I wanted to share this picture of a bee exploring a mass of flowers at the recent RHS Tatton Flower Show. My iPhone shot isn’t perfect but I like the muted colours, the softness and the textures.

The bee may appear to be resting in this shot (we did see a large, intoxicated-seeming bee sleeping in a striped rose) but it was far from the ideal model, intently waggling all over the alliums, making the usual incoherent bee satisfaction and interest noises. 

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A bee on a flower pillow

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