Interfaith Invocation


Annual Donor Remembrance Ceremony

Nevada Donor Network

September 26, 2015     Las Vegas, NV

Rev. Bryan J. Guiot, APSC, MA, MTh

Good afternoon and welcome to the Annual Donor Remembrance Ceremony!

Let’s take a moment to bow our heads in the presence of our Sacred.

Let us pray!

Today we honor the service of the Nevada Donor Network.

We honor our mission.  Keep us focused on our work to maximize the gift of life and health through organ and tissue donation.

We honor our donors.  Today our heroes, we are mindful of each and every one who have completed their time among us… our loved ones, our colleagues, our friends who have died but who have left behind the legacy of their precious lives.  We celebrate their memory and their spark.

Spark our own desire to cherish them dearly enkindle within us the flame that helps heal the pain of our grief and loss. Touch our sadness. Comfort our ache.

We honor our donor families.  Their courage and strength awe us.  Their willingness to offer another the gift of life inspires us. We are profoundly grateful for your willingness to say “Yes.”

We honor our donor recipients… the men, women and children who have received life sustaining organs and tissue from those we have loved…indeed… Very special gifts for very special people.

We honor the daily work of the employees and team partners of the NV Donor Network throughout the state.  Keep them faithful and persistent in our purpose to provide hope, strength and life.  We are mindful there is still so much yet to do.

We honor our commitment to the sacredness of all life. Renew our pledge to provide these services in the public trust always with gentle care and deep compassion for all donors, families and recipients.

We honor our volunteers who with their passion, spirit and respect provide countless hours of service to promote our work, educate our communities and stand as symbols of hope to those who wait.

We honor our family and friends. Protect us and those we love today and for all of our tomorrows to come.

We honor the 561 Nevadans awaiting transplant today.  We hold them in our hearts with blessings of patience, hope and acceptance. Sustain their well-being until it is time.

Finally, we honor the 880,450 Nevadans who are registered organ donors. From all of us to each of you, Thank you!

And so it is.  Amen!

Interfaith Invocation

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