Sophia… inner wisdom

let it be

“For many years I have had a file folder labeled “wisdom.” It began by my being intrigued with the wisdom literature of the Hebrew scriptures.  I found many verses that connect to my own story. In the poetry of those scriptures, Wisdom is referred to as “she,” a rather exceptional event in a strongly male-dominated world.  In many cultures of the past, including Egyptian, Babylonian and Chinese, wisdom was considered to be something very practical, a means of moral values as well as to right living which is given in maxims and proverbs.

In the Hebrew scriptures wisdom is also associated with guidance, but there is a wonderful addition: Wisdom becomes alive. Wisdom becomes a person, a “she.”  This feminine wisdom is presented as one who not only gives us direction for our lives but in intimately bonded with God. She is a breath of the Divine, born before creation; her origin contains great mystery.  She is given to humankind to connect them with the Divine.

Wisdom is a unique manifestation of God, a catalyst for transformation of the human person’s life into one of light and goodness…”   – Joyce Rupp

SOPHIA is the rise of the Divine Feminine in our nation’s consciousness and within our politics.  Let her be. 

Sophia… inner wisdom

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