Sophia… inner wisdom

let it be

“For many years I have had a file folder labeled “wisdom.” It began by my being intrigued with the wisdom literature of the Hebrew scriptures.  I found many verses that connect to my own story. In the poetry of those scriptures, Wisdom is referred to as “she,” a rather exceptional event in a strongly male-dominated world.  In many cultures of the past, including Egyptian, Babylonian and Chinese, wisdom was considered to be something very practical, a means of moral values as well as to right living which is given in maxims and proverbs.

In the Hebrew scriptures wisdom is also associated with guidance, but there is a wonderful addition: Wisdom becomes alive. Wisdom becomes a person, a “she.”  This feminine wisdom is presented as one who not only gives us direction for our lives but in intimately bonded with God. She is a breath of the Divine, born before creation; her origin contains great mystery.  She is given to humankind to connect them with the Divine.

Wisdom is a unique manifestation of God, a catalyst for transformation of the human person’s life into one of light and goodness…”   – Joyce Rupp

SOPHIA is the rise of the Divine Feminine in our nation’s consciousness and within our politics.  Let her be. 

Sophia… inner wisdom

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Brothers and Sisters,


We are reminded today that we’re commanded to Love One Another.

My 2 cents as a recovering Roman Catholic interfaith minister?

Jesus of Nazareth was about transformation… not unlike Buddha… we have collectively diluted his message over and over and over again.

Christianity and Buddhism need to talk more. Will Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans or Paulists not show us some leadership here toward conversation that leads to change?

Please think about it. Our nation and our world needs to hear you.

if anyone says i love god and hates his brother he is a liar

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