A Simple Definition of God

“How do we know for certain that things we cannot see truly exist?

Look at a picture of food, for example. The flavor, texture and scent are not in the photograph, but we know they’re there.

Our eyes detect only three dimensions (just as a camera captures only two), so whatever is is that makes life happen must exist in a dimension we simply cannot see. The energy that keeps us alive is beyond our five senses and very mysterious. Even though it is out of our control, we trust that it will wake us up tomorrow morning.

Whether we admit it or not, what we have is faith. We have tremendous faith that his unseen energy will keep the earth spinning, the grass growing, and our hearts beating five minutes from now. We don’t know this, we trust it.

Some people refer to this life force as “God,” while others call it “the Universe,” “Emptiness,” “Mother Nature,” or “Father Time.” The name you give it doesn’t matter as much as the appreciation you have for it.

God is not “out there” for us to pursue; God is in our heart to discover.” – Timber Hawkeye

A Simple Definition of God