without leaps of imagination or dreaming we lose the excitement

I’m not talking about sorcery, illusions, delusion or tricks.

I am talking about magic that actually has its roots in ancient Judaism and native, indigenous and primal religions worldwide.
Magic, the stuff of Anthropology’s Magic, Witchcraft and Religion, one of my all time favorite courses back in college…
the magic of transformation… the beliefs and practices associated with how we practice power, control and influence over our experience.

Magic: the dimension of paranormal, the unconscious, the Supernatural. Our ability to change.

Universally, magic changes things. Through combining and recombining the substances, forms and forces of Nature, the magician is a catalyst for change.

We all possess the necessary tools to make magic happen. We are magicians in our own gardens. We are the masters of our own creations – our thoughts, our feelings, our health, our beliefs, our actions.

I am magical.
You are magical.
We are all magicians.

If we pay attention, we can witness magic right here right now. You can change what you think. You can change what you feel.
You can practice the magic of tolerance, compassion and mercy.
You can make the magic to transform your fear into love. Your magic can create and sustain forgiveness. You can change dishonesty into honesty.
You can decide for just 10 minutes, an hour or a day to make the choices necessary to not be a victim of anything around you.
You can choose hope instead of despair.
You can savor your half full beer bottle or see your gas tank as half full… not half empty.

I know a guy who practices magic on Saturday’s and holidays, volunteering at a children’s hospital. His ability to make transform himself into the clown whose suit he wears helps sick and dying kids smile. He is a magician. His antics and jokes are magical. Making suffering children laugh is his magic.

Yesterday, I looked around and saw magic all around me as people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and financial means fed hundreds of homeless people Thanksgiving lunch… that was magic: to the givers and to the receivers.

Everyday planting and tending my interfaith ministry gardening blog is magic.

Magic is always in you: Hear your heart. Taste a lemon. Touch your toes. Smell the coffee. Look in the mirror. All magic!
Respiration, perspiration, coagulation, fertilization. Magic!

Magic is always all around you: family,friends and playmates, living room furniture, snow, the car, ATM machines, instant mash potatoes. All magic!
Photosynthesis, biosynthesis, chemosynthesis, psychosynthesis. Magic!

Awareness is the first step toward change. Action is then required. Magic is focused action. Trust your magic. Share your magic.