I Shall Be Their Voice


I Shall Be Their Voice

by Mark Stewart

For the dogs boiled alive in Korea
For the dolphins eviscerated in Japan
For the whales hunted by the Norwegians
For the bulls stabbed to death in Spain
For the donkeys worked to death in Nepal
For the foxes and the badgers torn apart in England
For the elephants maimed and shackled in India
For the bears and the bison and the wolves shot in America
For the seal calves clubbed to death in Canada and Iceland
For the rabbits skinned alive in China
For the kittens and puppies starving in Serbia
For all the animals in labs, in zoos, in factory farms and in circuses
For every animal on the Earth that has to endure the cruel silence of human indifference
I shall be their voice

I Shall Be Their Voice

“I can’t start the next chapter if I keep rereading the last one.”


January 1, 2915
I’m not sure who first spoke these words but they express my thoughts and feelings well today.

A new year:
12 new months of new possibilities
52 new weeks of new opportunities
365 new days of new adventures
8,765 new hours of new chances
525,949 new minutes of new ways to be the change I want to see in the world.

MY 2015
Forgive yesteryears.
Be thankful. Stay present. Intend mindfulness.
Meditate daily.
Release judgments. Stop labeling. Think peace.
Feel calm.
Make “I” statements. Practice compassion.
Look and listen for the good, the positive and the Sacred. Share it.
Remember interconnections. Live vegan. Sustain balance.
Read more. Write more. Learn more.
Attract abundant generosity, equality and justice.
Maintain simplicity…

#awaken #enlighten #enrich #inspire -Timber Hawkeye

“I can’t start the next chapter if I keep rereading the last one.”